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Enchantment šŸŒ 

Pour your energy into my soul, envision us together, slowly growing old, take my hand into yours, and show me your world, let us spiral into a concave, write stories that were previously untold,

Let’s forget our troubles in this world, we shall not behave, we will go out with fists of glory, because there’s nothing else I crave, 

With you I have the serendipity I desire, the passion that I need, the strength to continue pushing, when I don’t feel that I can succeed,

You convinced me of true love – a fairy tale written, a happy ending seemed fabricated, until I let you become part of my story, and found myself lustful and smitten 



Hello there. As you have stumbled across my page, please take the time to look through some of my various writings and photographs. I like to try new things, and different styles of writing is one of them. Poetry is not dead, writing is an art, and i intend to be an artist.

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