If i

If I could have a rose, for every time I’ve been scorned, I’d have a house full of them, surrounded by thorns, if storms were created for every time I wept, the clouds would eventually dissipate and become out of their depth, mourning becomes the norm, if I had a penny, for every time I thought of you, I’d be as rich a a banker, with houses with sea views, if I had a pill, for every time I hurt, I’d be overdosing on them, and leaving this earth, leaving behind bad reviews, if I had an emotion, for every time I’d hated this planet, I’d be succumbing to bitterness, hatred attracts me like magnets, in my head and heart there’s an implosion, if I had to leave this earth, I’d be gone in an instant, kissing goodbye to my family, and giving way to new birth, for a life that is woven


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