The future isn’t what we thought it would be

I live a full life, yet I feel like I’m half a person, in my mind a war rages on, but in war there are no winners, just a heavier burden, we’ve achieved a great injustice to our nature, with no chance of a second saviour, communities are sad but smiling, whilst trying to live but knowing they’re dying, no room left to be a dreamer, pushing on in the struggle, the strife follows them around, soulless adventures to make pennies to pay bills, just to keep their feet on solid ground, I feel like I’m drowning, trying to save my generation, because words play less of a role now that technology is our new decoration, we wear it like smiles, paint our faces with instant messages, communicate only in dressing styles, and abbreviated sentences, give me some hope for a future, one worth beckoning for, infect me like a tumour, with ideas to open that door


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