it’s been a long time since you extinguished the flames, then doused me in gasoline to set me back ablaze, you handed me the razor, the blade to cut away my outer shell, peeling layers of my dreams, senses and visions away, my heart started racing faster, pumping blood until my head started spinning, my lifeline was being erased, from a love that I had simply misplaced, you stripped me of the skin that used to caress me on the nights you left me, as if it could be replaced, the pain wasn’t important to you, you revelled in my misery, a public spectacle of emotion, on show for the world, almost like a special delivery, but now the emotions, I lack, the feelings I no longer feel, for the comfort of depression that I now reside in, is a true reminder of love, and with that, I know I’ll never feel it again 


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