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I stopped searching so I could find, I tripped and stumbled, bumped into walls in the dark, blind, without you, the sun didn’t shine the same – dimmer than energy preserving bulbs, I wanted to walk the road, together, but together as one for me, meant alone, when I felt lost, I refused to look at a compass or a map, I’d follow the lit constellations, they would lead me directly to you, I was sure of that, my destination? infatuation, current population – one, I’m stuck travelling this universe, in search of you, my soulmate, I can almost taste you, I can almost feel you, the halcyon days end as I grow more desperate, seek me, ravish me, tell me you love me, need me, crave me, I’ll hand you the purest parts of me



Hello there. As you have stumbled across my page, please take the time to look through some of my various writings and photographs. I like to try new things, and different styles of writing is one of them. Poetry is not dead, writing is an art, and i intend to be an artist.

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