Almost worthwhile

We got too hung up on details, like the curves within the clouds, the formation of the moon, the faces lining the crowds and the alignment of the stars, we got too held up by descriptions, like it could change our destiny, heal us and remove our scars, but the truth was in the kiss, the touch and the trust, simpatico in every respect, but too much of a good thing can ruin the spell of lust, the smell of flowers disappeared, the air felt unclean, you tasted different, the grass was no longer green, the sun backed away from us and left us with winter rain, the stars got dimmer and the evenings became tame, the enchantment became gloomy, the pressure was intense, I used to look at you like a queen, but then I saw sense, I spoke with the sky, surrounded myself in nature, I fixated myself with my brain so to myself I was no longer a stranger, I held my sense of purpose, I walked with a smile, I’m so proud to be who I am now that meeting you, was almost, almost worthwhile 


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