You are the morning sun

I just wanted to say good morning and that I can’t wait to see your face, I miss you while you’re sleeping your smile lights up this place, even when you pull your exorcist look I still think you look cute, and I know you always say I’m lying but that’s the real truth, life is like a book and everyday is a new chapter, I only want to make memories with you and my son nobody else matters, even though we fight and argue they’re not important factors, because our love is real there’s no faking it, we’re not actors, I know we can be moody and sometimes we choose our words loosely, but when we are feeling fruity that’s when we reveal our true beauty, because I know we can’t be separated no matter if we argue, because I know we’re meant to be together even if we’re both sick like the flu, but who wants to be normal anyway that sounds pretty boring, but anyway I’ll stop talking I just wanted to say, I hope you slept great and I love you, good morning💜


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