The abortion 

Mummy I know you never met me and I know you’re not upset, but I don’t know what I did to make you angry, or why you don’t feel any regret, I could’ve been a political leader, I could’ve stopped a terror threat, I could’ve been a chef, a writer, a business man, a vet, I could’ve been anything in this life I wanted to but instead, you had to take the pill the doctor gave you that just washed me away, you told him I was not meant to be and that I was a mistake, that was just yesterday, and now here I am today looking down on you and you look pretty, you have a soft inviting face, I feel like we could’ve spent the days playing games and making cakes , I wonder if you realise that you tore my tiny heart into pieces, I only wanted to stay, and grow and be safe and warm, safe inside your stomach, I could’ve made you happy also stressed but I would’ve loved you like no other, I guess you’re over me now as 2 months have passed, and now you’re pregnant again with a different lover, and you haven’t taken the pill with this baby maybe I was meant to suffer, maybe life wasn’t meant for me, or maybe you just weren’t meant to be my mother  


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