My Darling

my darling;

the admiration I had for you was unbearable, to these emotions I used to be susceptible, the affection I had for you made my life bearable, you caught my attention and it happened so fast that I didn’t know what was happening but I liked it, and wanted it to last, weeks passed, we grew closer on the daily, it felt like we’d formed an allegiance and it boosted me greatly, you unlocked something inside of me, and it made me feel free, we used to speak 24/7, to you I was devoted, full of so many emotions inside that my heart could’ve exploded, I formed a bond with you that I thought would be eternal, I starting writing every night, penning words into my journal, I got square eyes from staring at you but you really had me running round in circles, I never thought I’d be the type of person to become infatuated, i used to stay awake all night until I was half sedated, just to be the first to message you when you woke up in the morning like I’m happy we were acquainted


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