A grave escape â˜ âš°

I can’t stand you, so I’ll just take a seat, I don’t desire you, you don’t sweep me off my feet, I look into your eyes, and they just feel so bleak, I can’t be with someone who goes back to what they ran from, I can’t deal with the two facedness that you love to seek, I’m so relieved that you’re now gone, don’t ever try and come back to me.

I cant deal with someone who thinks that theyre above and on top, you think you’re so desirable and hot that everybody wants you, well honey i hate to break it to you  that you’re not, you make out you’re successful, but you’re stuck in a dead end job, with no career prospects on the horizon, and not enough to pay your bills, your derelict tiny flat, will be the one that you die in.

You act like rocky, but you can’t throw a punch, you sqeual like a bitch when hurt, and cried at getting dumped, you cried more than me, and claimed that I’m emotional, when I never once shed a tear for you, I guess you really were unlovable, you claim you’ve moved on, and sent me nasty messages, I laughed at the desperation, after begging me to stay with you, I realised you’re just a waste of a specimen, a waste of a life, you’re just someone who’s more full of shit than someone with constipation.

I hate that I hate you, because you’re simply not worth it, but everyone knows I have a short temperament, I just love to rip on you, because you can’t write back to anything thats intelligent, you lack the knowledge and the literature, to understand the basic alphabet, you couldn’t spell your own name, if it was tattooed across your body and on your neck, I’m surprised you have your licence, i didn’t think that the mentally challenged would be allowed to drive, I’m actually quite surprised you’re still alive, but it’s severely disappointing to me, that you haven’t yet committed suicide.

I could write forever, and diss you all the way, I could tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, like it’s your judgement day, I can let everyone know, the person that you really are, snidey, selfish, desperate, egotistical, gluttonous, dirty and conceited, the list leads all the way up to the stars, but karma has a way of getting people back, and my karma has a vengeance, I hope I’m stuck in your brain like fresh, stinking tarmac, I hope you’re thinking of me, and that you can sense my presence, and by the way, sleeping with your ex on a Thursday isn’t cheating, it’s a Thursday throwback 👌


Fat rats 🐀

​Our memories are tainted by my repulsion for you, the time we spent together was wasted, but at least I grew, i grew longer than the hairs from your nostrils, and the ones sticking out of your belly, you acted manlier than a man, with even your pubic area being smelly, I felt like I was dating a frog, slimy and full of boils, with stinking yellow pus oozing from them constantly, the sight of them made me recoil, in horror of who id been sleeping next to, I found somebody else, and i slept next to them instead, I knew it was over within the first three months of us, I could no longer smell you in my bed, she replaced you straight away, but I still acted like we were together, I was just bored and needed entertaining, and i knew I could throw you away as easy as a feather, you filled a bit of my time, and you grew as a person too I know, not mentality wise, but round the waist, the face, the stomach and even down to your toes, I told you I loved you, but I never meant it because it was her all along, her I was thinking of when we were in bed together, her I thought about everytime I played ‘Our’ song, her who gets me through the stormy weather, it was never you and I’m happy you turned out to be a rat, it pleases me to know that you’re just like you’re family, destined to be brainless, on drugs, in and out of prison and fat, so I guess all I’m trying to say, is that I hope you drown in the river, or at least in a car crash, and fuck you, have a nice day, by the way, get to the doctors for that rash..

The rats 🐁

I met an ugly, fat rat once, it was smelly and hairy, it tried to trick me one day, it tried hard to be devious and scary, but I wasn’t afraid, as I’d dealt with rats before, I wouldn’t bow down to it, I got so restless I’d be awake and I’d start to snore, 

The rat wasn’t impressed, it responded by calling me rude names, but the words didnt affect me, because the rat didnt have a brain, there was no creativity in what they were trying to say, I couldn’t understand it the spelling was that poor, I thought that rats were clever animals, maybe this rat hadn’t matured, 

I tried to teach the rat some information, something they were deeply lacking in, it wasn’t appreciated, I think they suffered a deformation, the rat had more than two faces, and knowing they had nothing left, went back to the same people, that they’d been fighting with for ages,

The rat was feeling lonely, they realised they had nothing, I didn’t feel nothing at all, liberation only, I tried to put myself in their head, to see how I would feel, I just couldn’t do it, to be that spineless and brain dead, I knew I’d never heal, the rat got even angrier, knowing I would laugh, trying to get a reaction, but writing is a weapon, one the rat could never have,

So now theres anger in the air, it’s been brewing for a while, the tension is increasing, no longer people smile, rats run in the street, creating chaos and trying to scare, but rats soon get taken out like garbage, no more menacing eyes to stare, throw them in the puddle, drown them in the sewers, put them out of my misery, stick them with barbecue skewers, keep their heads under the water, until they no longer breathe, send them to the slaughter, keep them rats away from me

Let my love prevail

They ask about love,

I tell them about hurt, 

I associate our memories,

with tragedies occurred,

they ask why I left,

I tell them the truth,

that you didn’t ask me to stay, 

I had to pick a different route,

in my heart there’s injury,

damage to my pride,

please tell me how I can stop,

feeling this feeling inside,

I’m burnt out from surviving,

chasing my own tail,

I want you to want me back,

and let my love prevail.

The future isn’t what we thought it would be

I live a full life, yet I feel like I’m half a person, in my mind a war rages on, but in war there are no winners, just a heavier burden, we’ve achieved a great injustice to our nature, with no chance of a second saviour, communities are sad but smiling, whilst trying to live but knowing they’re dying, no room left to be a dreamer, pushing on in the struggle, the strife follows them around, soulless adventures to make pennies to pay bills, just to keep their feet on solid ground, I feel like I’m drowning, trying to save my generation, because words play less of a role now that technology is our new decoration, we wear it like smiles, paint our faces with instant messages, communicate only in dressing styles, and abbreviated sentences, give me some hope for a future, one worth beckoning for, infect me like a tumour, with ideas to open that door

The taste of summer

you taste like summer, so dress me with your seasons, you spill blossom when you converse, against my heart I commit treason, I’ve got an addiction, and you are my drug, you keep me coming back, withdrawing would open me up, my veins pump for your mind, my eyes see for your beauty, my fingers can only touch, your skin that runs so smoothly, so let me wallow in your voice, lose consciousness in your ideas, tell me your regrets, let me soften their loud noise, let me whisper in your ear, ever oh so gently, let me crawl into your heart, oh how I love you so immensely

Let’s pretend

let’s pretend I’m your canvas, paint me with your harsh words, pretend I’m a public library, and read me like a book,

pretend you are afraid of me, live me out, and overcome your fear,

pick me like a flower, a thorn in the rose bush, butter me up like morning toast, let me satisfy your insides, sense me, touch me,

 journey with me in space and time, let’s touch the galaxy, let’s travel through different era’s, talk about the subjects we find meaningful, scary, deep, the darkest fears of our minds, 

every inch of the world has been photographed, except the stars within your eyes, put them aside for me, I’ll keep them safe, and never let them die